Sheet Polarizers

Sheet Polarizers
Sheet Polarizers
Product Description

Sheet Polarizer is the linear optical polarizers, included with flat polarizing film sealed between the transparent plates. It is offered with resistance against moisture as well as mechanical damage. It has the capacity to filter a beam of light available with indefinite as well as mixed polarization. It enables the light rays to move efficiently. The Sheet Polarizer can trim down the amount of light coming from the sky. It is an economical choice, proffered for its balance between continuity and stability. Provided synthetic plastic sheet is functional as a highly efficient polarizing filter.


Spectral Range:

400 800 nm

Flatness Cover Glasses:

1 at 633 nm

Available sizes

DEM (Demonstration Quality) 


25 mm x 3 mm
50 mm x 3 mm
50 x 50 mm x 3 mm
124 x 55 mm x 3 mm
160 x 3 mm

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